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Digislider » products represent top-quality motorized camera sliders, jibs, and stabilizers designed for video, time lapse, and stop-motion purposes. These items stand out as both affordable and of high quality in the market.

Refurbished with Warranty, VAT Exempt

These products are refurbished units, fully covered by warranty, and are sold under the VAT margin scheme, meaning they are offered without the inclusion of VAT.

Lightweight, Precise, and Portable

Characterized by their lightweight and precise design, these sliders are also exceptionally portable, making them convenient to use in various scenarios.

Wireless Smartphone Control for Quick Setups

The sliders can be wirelessly controlled through smartphones, enabling fast and effortless setup procedures.

PS3 Controller Analogue Control

The PS3 controller analog control feature enhances the precision of the slider's movements.

Real-time Motion and Time Lapse Control

The products offer real-time motion control as well as the capability for shoot-move-shoot time lapse control.

Impressive Load Capacity

These sliders can handle vertical loads of up to 5kg (11lbs) and horizontal loads of up to 10kg (22lbs).

2 or 3 Axis Upgrades Available

Options for upgrading to 2 or 3-axis systems are available.

Compatibility with Dragonframe Software

The sliders are compatible with Dragonframe software, enhancing their functionality.

Comprehensive Kit

Each kit includes a Digislider (available in 50cm or 100cm lengths), an NMX Controller, a 4:1 Fast Motor suitable for video and time lapse applications, and an 8 x AA battery holder for powering the equipment.

The motor attachment process is simple, allowing for the swift conversion of the slider into a fully motorized dolly.

NMX Controller Features

The NMX Controller, designed for continuous and shoot-move-shoot motion, boasts the following features:

  • The Dynamic Perception NMX Smartphone app ensures rapid and user-friendly autonomous camera movements.
  • It offers control of up to 3 axes, with potential expansion to over 100 axes for creating a digital motion network.
  • Setting start and end positions is easy and precise, thanks to auto-loop or stop modes.
  • Keyframing with 3 points.
  • Shoot-move-shoot mode (SMS).
  • Complete control of pan, tilt, and slide motions across all 3 axes.

The NMX motion app is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

The NMX Controller triggers the camera for a defined duration, then moves the motor for a specific distance in a repetitive loop, making it ideal for extended exposures like night time lapses. The setup involves connecting it to the camera, motor, and power source.

Motion Editing Software: Graffik 2.0

Graffik 2.0, a free software by Dynamic Perception, is available for Windows and Mac. This software is compatible with the NMX Controller and allows the creation of intricate time lapses and video moves, featuring unlimited keyframes, precise repeatability, and smooth ease-ins and ease-outs.

Pan Tilt Features

The Pan Tilt units are compact yet robust, capable of handling panning loads of up to 20kg (44lbs) and tilting loads of up to 6kg (13lbs). With 12000 steps per rotation at 0.03 degrees per step, and a max speed of 10 seconds per full rotation, these units are versatile tools for achieving precise motion.

Digislider Features

These sliders offer smooth and fluid movement, suitable for loads of up to 10kg horizontally and 5kg vertically. Constructed from aluminum for strength and lightness, they incorporate German-engineered low-friction, low-wear shaft and carriage bearings. The sliders facilitate quick and easy mounting of cameras and tripods, with compatibility for various tripod heads.

They come with multiple threaded attachment points for 3/8” and 1/4” threads, allowing versatile setup configurations. The specialized Drylin® plastics ensure maintenance-free, all-weather durability with silent and smooth gliding. Heavy-duty rubber grips and an adjustable resistance screw contribute to maximum stability and fluidity during operation.

For further details, visit: https://www.digislider.co.uk/collections/digislider-bundles/products/digislider-nmx-pan-slide-tilt-2 -3-axis-video-time-lapse-kit. »